Hiring Trends Now: Quest for the "Perfect" Candidate

 Hiring managers:
Things are slowly turning around to a “new normal." Requisitions may be available, but I have to be 110% confident the new hire has all the skills I need. To complicate matters, I get a flood of unqualified candidates when I post a position.

Job seekers:
I’m customizing my resume and cover letter for each position, expanding my network on LinkedIn and keeping my skills honed. The Labor Department says that 236,000 new jobs were added in February alone, what am I doing wrong?

The reality:
Hiring has picked up and the supply of top talent is tightening. But many employers, gun shy from the recession, are reluctant to hire and are holding out for that perfect candidate. Some are surprised that the pool of qualified talent is shrinking. Frustration is mounting on all sides. 

Our advice:
Some firms are overlooking great talent and suffering the negative effects of delaying a hire. With most teams stretched to the breaking point, that vacant seat is costing your department in productivity. No doubt that hiring managers must carefully consider the specialized skills needed for a position and require them. But be wary of the laundry list. If you are unsure about fit, consider the temporary to permanent model which enables you to evaluate a candidate in the position without a long term commitment. Contact JoulĂ© if you need expertise on customizing a recruitment solution for your team. 

Job seekers must continue to tailor their credentials for each position, emphasizing the skills and experience that match the employer requirements. Give examples of real life accomplishments, highlight your soft skills and show that you understand and will fit into the employer’s culture. These are qualities that can’t be taught and give employers confidence that you’re right for the job. And contact MOUNTAIN if you need coaching on how to present yourself.