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How We Do It

MOUNTAIN MEDICAL specializes in physician, advanced practice provider and executive recruitment. Experience has proven that a focused approach enables our clients to take full advantage of our expertise and provides the greatest return on their recruiting investment. MOUNTAIN MEDICAL works exceptionally closely with our clients and becomes a virtual extension of the client organization.

Advantages of working with MOUNTAIN MEDICAL:
  • Extraordinary level of commitment and confidentiality between MOUNTAIN MEDICAL and our client. We focus on developing an in-depth knowledge of your culture, objectives, history, operating procedures and management structure, which are so vital in the search for top talent.  
  • Improved communication is a key benefit of using MOUNTAIN MEDICAL as your sole search firm, ensuring a smooth, efficient process with an expert, single point-of-contact.
  • The most comprehensive assessment of candidates is provided, including face-to-face interviews, interview reports, in-depth reference checking, and background verification.
  • Enhanced image for your organization in the industry as MOUNTAIN MEDICAL continuously markets your organization to a cross-section of candidates and sources.
  • Increased accountability results, as MOUNTAIN MEDICAL is responsible for filling the position regardless of the time investment required.
  • Your company is relieved of considerable administrative cost, risk and managerial time and has the benefit of our focused expertise.  
  • MOUNTAIN MEDICAL focuses on seeking out and attracting the most qualified and talented individuals who are typically not on the market.
At Mountain we understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication open. Get connected immediately with the Mountain team whether you need specialized talent or to submit your resume.